Solve problems fast and satisfy customers.
Not only we sell products but we also solve your problems and gratify your needs. Increased efficiency and customized products, our goal is to continuously run the business and to keep improving our technique in a motivated attitude.
Provide additive high value products.
We produce high additive-valued and reliable products. We cannot say our products are flawless but we continuously progress our products, and we only produce verified and highly completed products.
Strong cohesion among stuff
Internal communication among stuff is important for our company, in SNR we communicate and share things with each other, additionally, every staff in SNR ignores personal interest to achieve organizational team corporation. Every staff understands his/her job position and creates great fortune for company.
Stuff training
Employee is invaluable asset for SNR company, therefore, we hold periodic training of new knowledge to improve stuff´s competence. Furthermore, making mistake is tolerable, however, we can correct the mistake from previous experience and we´ll not recommit it again. Moreover, In SNR company, we don´t feel satisfied about the present situation and always progress ourselves.