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This privacy statement applies solely Sinher Technology Co., Ltd. official website, the company on the company / personal data collection, comply with the ROC norms "Personal Data Protection Act" (hereinafter referred to as a funding method) it. Without government licensing authorities and companies / individuals agree that the Company will not collect company / personal data.

This privacy statement does not necessarily apply to the company linked to this website's advertising firm, all of the sites of strategic alliances, the site for data processing measures linked website, no responsibility.

Before you use this Site, please read the Privacy Statement below. If you use this website you are deemed to have agreed to serve the following statement.

The company for all information you provide will be kept strictly confidential.

This site will, depending on the services provided, the company will ask for your name, address, e-mail, telephone and other companies / personal information.

To facilitate contact with your product or service processing.

The company for your consent, authorization or other legal requirements because the information provided on the proper management of tight, do not let it improperly accessed or deleted, stolen, we will not use your company / personal data of the public.

In addition to the written request of the government, the courts and the relevant units to provide a complete service, the company may need to use your personal information to third parties disclosed.

The Company will require the proper use of the relevant partners and manage your data.

The company might collect your personal information for statistical analysis and other related services, beyond the Company's internal use only, or is based on the personal information will be provided with these goods, services, information relevant to you.

If you do not want us to use and the information provided above, only "services / Q & A" put on the page, we will stop the use of your personal information.

The company has made your information, will be stored in our complete data processing system, and strictly comply with the relevant requirements of the competent authority, in order to protect your company / personal information will not be improperly obtaining or damage, and strict protection measures to prevent contact of unauthorized personnel.

The company's complete staff have received confidential information education, to fully understand the confidentiality of client information is a fundamental responsibility of each of our members and officers of the Company if the confidentiality of customer information in violation of relevant laws and regulations and is committed to accept the provisions of our internal punishment.

The company business needs when necessary commissioned a third party service, the company will strictly require them to comply with the company's commitment to customer information confidential, and to take the necessary inspection procedures to determine whether they will indeed comply.

I agree Sinher Co., Ltd. Privacy Statement.

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